Creative Writing – Romeo and Juliet Short Story

Here is my short story relating to the topic ‘Investigate a past event that initially caused the conflict between the two families (in a modern setting).’

“Five-hundred dollars!” screeched Lady Capulet. “A five-hundred dollar phone bill! Juliet, that phone has got to go!” Sighing, Juliet placed her shiny new iPhone on the table and stalked up the stairs to her bedroom. “Mark my words, Juliet, you will be paying that bill,” her mother’s booming voice echoed through the hallway, “and you will never see that phone again!”

Juliet flopped onto her bed. She lay there for a second, thinking about the unfairness of all this. How would she ever earn five hundred dollars? She picked her purple piggy bank up from her bedside cabinet and shook it. Not a sound. Angrily, she tossed it across the room. It bounced off the wall and came to rest on the floor, a small crack in the side. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the wealthy Lady Montague. The Montagues lived next door in a luxurious mansion. Currently, Lady Montague was driving along the road in her sleek Rolls Royce. Lady Montague wouldn’t care if she got a ten thousand dollar phone bill, muttered Juliet under her breath. Now, the Rolls Royce entered the Montague driveway. The metallic garage door swallowed the car and thudded down onto the concrete.

“Juliet, lunch is served!” Lady Capulet bellowed. Juliet slowly stood up and walked downstairs. A small platter of fruit and bread had been placed on the table. She pulled out a chair and looked around. At the table sat her parents, deep in conversation.
“I still can’t believe we were invited!” Lady Capulet exclaimed.
“Yes! It’s going to be such a blast!” replied Capulet.
“What are you talking about?” asked Juliet, who had no idea what was going on.
“The Ball of Verona, of course,” spoke Lady Capulet. “It is being held this year to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Verona, and we were invited!”
“Only the most esteemed families will attend,” Capulet informed Juliet. “However, no children shall be allowed in the ballroom. We will have to leave you at home.”
“Oh,” said Juliet, feigning sadness. A dark plan was beginning to form inside her head.

The afternoon before the party was hectic. The Capulets wanted to make a lasting impression on the people of Verona, so every small detail in their appearance had to be perfect. Slowly, the moon vanquished the sun and sat contentedly in the sky. As soon as the couple were perfectly preened, they said goodbye to Juliet.
“Hurry, or we shall be late!” said Lady Capulet in a worried tone. As soon as their car had disappeared from her vision, Juliet began to work.

Juliet scrambled over the wooden fence dividing her house and the Montague’s mansion. She hit the soft ground with a squish and began to run silently over to the main building. Suddenly, she stopped in the shadows directly outside the mansion. The silence was deafening. Spotting an open window, Juliet sprinted into the house, climbing carefully inside. She needed to find money, and fast. That phone bill wasn’t going to pay itself. With the Montagues away at the Ball of Verona, there would be no one around to catch her in the act of stealing. Now, however, she was beginning to panic. Butterflies pounded the insides of her stomach. She realised what she was doing. That she could be caught. That there could be consequences. Just grab something of value and leave! a small voice yelled inside of her. Her hand shot out and grasped a golden ring that lay on a granite bench top. Atop the ring sat a plump, shiny diamond. Carefully, Juliet slipped the ring into her pocket, fingers trembling, and began to tiptoe out of the house.

Suddenly, the house was flooded with light. Juliet’s first instinct was to run. She had only taken a single step towards the window she had come in through, when a loud voice rang out.
“Stop right there!”
Juliet froze and slowly swiveled her head. In a doorway stood a handsome youth.
“Who are you?” she stammered softly.
“I am Romeo Montague,” the boy announced boldly, “and what are you doing here?”
“I was, well…” Juliet trailed off.
“I know who you are, Juliet Capulet,” Romeo said, “and you can be sure that my parents will hear of this!”

After this, everything happened remarkably quickly. The Montagues and Capulets arrived in a wail of sirens. The expensive ring that Juliet had taken was discovered, and an extensive report written by the police. Worst of all, Juliet had to endure a deafening scolding from her parents.
“How could you do such a thing?” Lady Capulet bellowed.
“How will we ever live this down?” thundered Capulet.
As a result of this disaster, the Montagues hated the Capulets, and so the Capulets hated them. However, one day, something happened that would change all of this forever…


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