Wide Reading – Book Review

This is my book review for wide reading, term 1.

I really enjoyed the book ‘Faster Than Lightning’ written by Usain Bolt. It was an great summary of the main events in his life as a sprinter. There were some new and interesting facts that I learnt about his life, and his writing style was great. After reading this book, I had a new understanding of what life is like as a professional athlete.

The language in the book was easy to understand, but also very descriptive. I especially enjoyed that Usain Bolt included some colloquial language from his homeland, Jamaica. It definitely added to the authenticity of the book.

All of the events in the story were arranged logically, and Usain Bolt chose the most interesting parts of his life to include. By the end of the story, I had a very clear picture in my mind of his personality and values, as well as his achievements.

Another thing that I liked was that Usain Bolt began his autobiography with the time his car crashed into a ditch in Jamaica. I thought that this was a great way to start the story, and I was feeling tense the whole time I read it. This portion of the story concluded with Usain Bolt walking away from the car unscathed, and believing that he was “put on this earth to run.”

I thought that the pacing in this story was superb. Sometimes, when reading a story, I skip sentences in order to get to the outcome of a thrilling situation quicker. However, when I was reading this book, I didn’t, because the use of short sentences in tense moments was very good and allowed me to read quickly without skipping anything.

In conclusion, ‘Faster Than Lighting’ was an awesome book. It was descriptive, interesting and very easy to read. I found the language and writing style great, as well as the pacing and events described.


One thought on “Wide Reading – Book Review

  1. Really good writing in your review. Just remember specific examples. The point you made about colloquial language needed an example to make it really work. FZ

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