Wide Reading – Book Review

This is my review of the book ‘Pizza Cake’ by Morris Gleitzman.

I really enjoyed the book ‘Pizza Cake’, written by Morris Gleitzman. It is a collection of humorous short stories about extremely diverse topics.

Some of the short stories were written in first person, while others were not. I think that this range was very good because it each new story interesting and different from the previous one.

The settings in this book were believable. I think that most of the characters were normal too, and made to seem like real people who had extraordinary things happen to them.

I think that Morris Gleitzman used twist endings to good effect. One of the short stories was about a girl who woke up in the middle of the night and wanted a drink, but discovered that the tap did not work and that there was no milk or water in the fridge. She ended up walking outside and digging into a water pipe to get a drink, but what she did not realise was that after she left and went back to sleep, a flood occurred. I think that this is a great, ironic twist ending.

The topics that the stories were about were extremely diverse. This was great because I had little idea of what the stories were about before I read them, and they surprised me every time.

To conclude, I really enjoyed ‘Pizza Cake’, and would recommend it to anyone, regardless of age. The topics of the short stories were extremely diverse and would interest anyone.


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