Design Tech 2014 – Lamp Proposal and Evaluation

Here is our group lamp proposal and evaluation:

Design Research:
We have decided to make a lamp shaped like a camera. It will look like the lamp on the right-hand side of this page. These are the main details of our developed concept:
First of all, the lamp will use LED lighting. This is environmentally friendly, due to the fact that LED lighting is more energy efficient than the other alternatives available to us, and so better for the the environment.
The main body of the camera will be created from wood. It will be hollow on the inside.
The tripod on the camera will made from dowel wood, as well as some of the raised buttons and details on the body of the camera.
The entire camera will be painted black, and then details and text painted over it. The paint used will be recycled paint from our homes. This is definitely better than buying new paint, because this would definitely impact on the environment.
The camera lens will be made from a section of a recycled plastic bottle painted black. This is where the light will be located.

Evaluation of Proposal:
We feel that our proposal is already as environmentally friendly as is realistic, especially when material and time restrictions are taken into account.

Obtainment of Materials:
All of these materials should be easy to obtain. Everything that we will need, apart from the paint and bottle, is located in the Design Tech classroom.


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