Design Tech 2014 – Mock-Up Lamp Evaluation

Here is our mock-up lamp evaluation:

We felt that the making of our mock-up lamp went well and the finished project was good. It was not too difficult to make.
We were unable to add some of the details we wanted onto our mockup (for example, the buttons made from dowel wood) because we could not replicate them well using cardboard.
We had two attempts at making the tripod. The first one was the wrong size, so we changed our measurements and made another one. Along the way, we also changed the dimensions of some of aspects of our lamp when we discovered that the maths and measurements didn’t work out.
We do not think that we will make any changes to our current lamp design when we make our real lamps.
Finally, a challenging part on our final lamp will be calculating the angles we will have to cut the wood at for the details on top of the camera (see bottom photo).


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