Edward Scissorhands – Practice Essay Paragraph

This is a practice essay paragraph I wrote on the topic:

Describe an interesting character in the text. Explain how visual and oral techniques used in the film help make him/her interesting.

Edward is an interesting character from the moment the audience meets him. When Peg sees him for the first time, there is an extreme-wide shot of Edward crouching in a dimly-lit corner of his house. Peg then says ‘Why are you hiding back there?’ This causes interest within the audience, because it causes them to wonder why Edward would have a reason to hide, especially as Peg looks harmless. Then, the audience sees Edward’s blades glinting in the light. This leaves the audience wondering what the blades are, and thinking that Edward is dangerous. Then, Edward emerges from the shadows, and walks slowly and ominously towards Peg. At this point the music changes and becomes loud, sounding like a track from a horror film. This shows Peg’s emotions and makes the audience interested in Edward, as the music makes him sound like a scary and malicious character. All of these techniques and concepts were used by Tim Burton to keep the audience interested in what kind of character Edward is.

I found today’s lesson quite difficult. There were a lot of ideas that I couldn’t really follow, and I found it hard to identify techniques that made Edward interesting. I’m not sure if my writing is on the right track.


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