All About Me! Biography Task.

All About Me!

Hi there! My name is Alex de Beer. I was born just under 14 years ago in Auckland, where I have lived for the entirety of my life. I am usually a logical, observant person who has many hobbies and interests. These range from sports, such as tennis, cross country running, orienteering and football, to music (I play the trumpet in the jazz, concert and brass bands) and puzzles.

The best Christmas present I have received was two years ago. My sister and I were gifted with two kayaks! This is also related to the most awesome thing that I did in the last holiday period; my family went to Lake Taupo for ten days, where we met our cousins, who also received kayaks for Christmas several years ago, and explored the lake together. Going to Taupo is an annual tradition for our family.

If money was no object, I think I would like to keep an ordinary lifestyle for the most part, although I would like to help my friends and family out financially if it was necessary, and travel to interesting places around the world. If I had the opportunity to travel anywhere, I would probably visit South Africa so I could see my grandparents, who live there, and travel around the Kreuger national park, where I would see the amazing South African wildlife. I have been there before – my family and I went in 2008 – and it was amazing!

I have many goals for 2015. Some of them are as follows:
I would like to reach the North Harbour Orienteering for the second time.
I would like to pass my Grade 5 trumpet exam with merit or higher.
I would like to learn to solve a 4×4 Rubiks Cube.
I would like to improve my 5km race personal best time to under 19 minutes and 30 seconds.
I would like to learn some basic programming skills.

Finally, when I finish at Orewa College, I would like to work in profession requiring maths and science skills. This could be engineering, but I am really not sure. Alternatively, I might go into a profession that involves computers and programming, because I really enjoy them. Right now though, I think I will work on discovering what other options for the future are and applying myself in all my subjects.


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