A Sound of Thunder – Reflection Questions – 20/2/15

Friday 20th February 2015 (Note: this reflection also contains my answers to questions 6 & 7)
Explain what you did today and what you learnt. Today, Jamie, Reuben and Daniel worked on the introduction and some of the body paragraphs of their essays. They received some help from Miss. Wells, and are going along quite well. They learnt about how some of the themes from the text are shown by the characters. I worked on compiling and completing all of the reflections from each of the lessons we have had so far, and proofreading and touching up my essay.
In what ways did you help your group? Is there anything you can do to help out more? I helped my group today by talking with them about themes in the text, and how they could plan out their essays and what they could include. I mostly helped Jamie with this, and also helped him to gain an understanding of the Butterfly Effect. I think that in this lesson, I spent quite a large amount of time helping people, and my knowledge was beneficial to them.
Explain where you have been getting information from. Include links. Reuben and Daniel got the majority of their information from the Miss. Wells and the resources on Ultranet. Jamie got most of his information from the story and from what I explained to him about themes.
Evaluate how well you are doing. What worked? What will you need to improve? I think that our group is working well as a team and is making good progress. We are prioritising what we need to do and sticking to the plans we have made about when we will finish tasks. Next lesson though, we may need to start thinking about when we will do the puppet show task, because that could be quite a large and important project.
Describe what you will work on next time. Next lesson, I think that Reuben, Daniel and Jamie will try to finish their first draft of their essays. We will also start to plan out the puppet show and assign people to do it. I think that I will attempt to complete the task that requires me to write at least 250 words on how I learn best.
Describe a time in your own life where you have gone off track. What happened and what were the consequences? Because I cannot think of a time in my life where I have metaphorically gone off track, I will use a literal example! Around a year and a half ago, I was running through Eves bush with my mum on one of our regular training sessions. Unfortunately, during the run, I took a wrong turn and became separated from my mum. The consequence of this was that I spent around 1.5 hours frantically running around on the tracks trying to find her. Eventually I did, but not without a great deal of effort.
Discuss why it is important to learn from our mistakes. Include an example. It is important to learn from our mistakes, because if we do not, we may do the wrong thing over and over, but expect that the consequences will be different. If nobody thought about how to improve after doing something wrong, then I think that the human race would not have advanced very far from our caveman state! For example, Thomas Edison made thousands of mistakes before he engineered a working lightbulb; in order to make the lightbulb, he had to learn from his previous failures and change them based on what he learnt.


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