A Sound of Thunder – Reflection Questions – 12/2/15

Wednesday 12th February 2015
Explain what you did today and what you learnt. Today, our group finished planning out which tasks we are going to complete for this project, and then began to do our first tasks. I wrote about three significant events within the story and talked about why they were significant, Jamie made a start on a poster advertising a safari to the past, Reuben began to make a mind map on language features within the story, and Daniel began a travel plan and budget that someone could use when travelling to the past. We did not get much time to begin our projects, but I did gain a greater understanding of the story. Reuben began to refresh his knowledge on language features, and Jamie and Daniel definitely learnt a lot more about ‘The Sound of Thunder’, through looking through at carefully as they began their projects.
In what ways did you help your group? Is there anything you can do to help out more? I tried to help my group by taking a leading role when we decided which tasks we were going to do. I also helped the group by assigning them tasks to do. This lesson, I don’t think there was much more I could have done to help my group, but in the future, I am sure there will be more ways for me to get involved and make a positive difference to my group mates work.
Explain where you have been getting your information from. Include links. So far, none of us within the group have had much time to gather information. Our only source of information so far has been the story itself. In the future, however, I am sure we will use Ultranet and other websites as resources. When we write essays, for example, the internet will come in handy.
Evaluate how well you are doing. What worked? What do you need to improve? Although we are very early on within this project, I think that we have been very organised and efficient so far. I think that we should strive to keep up this current standard. I also think that we may need to start our essays soon, because they are a very important part of this project.
Describe what you will be working on next time. Next time, I will complete my current task by detailing what the main theme in ‘A Sound of Thunder’ is. Jamie, Reuben and Daniel will continue with their current tasks because they only had a short time in which to start today. Reuben will probably have to speak to Miss. Wells about his task, because he has been finding it slightly difficult and wants help.


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