A Sound of Thunder – Reflection Questions – 15/2/15

Monday 15th February 2015
Explain what you did today and what you learnt. Today, I made a start on my essay related to themes within ‘A Sound of Thunder.’ Jamie completed his poster advertising a safari to the past and began to write song lyrics about Eckels to Pharell’s ‘Happy.’ Reuben completed his mind map on language features within the story, and Daniel finished a humorous travel plan and budget for going to the past. I did a lot of research related to themes within the story, and learnt that some parts of the story can be interpreted as metaphors (such as The Path, a metaphor for the ‘straight and narrow’ in our lives). Jamie discovered some new design features on his computer and put a lot of thought into how he could make a powerful but simple advertisement. Reuben refreshed his knowledge on language features, and Daniel learnt about how humour can be utilised as a powerful technique within a project such as this.
In what ways did you help your group? Is there anything you can do to help out more? I did not help my group out very much today with their own small projects, because they seemed to be getting along quite well. I was very focused on writing my essay and making a good start. I did, however, coordinate the group and check up with them during the lesson to make sure they were staying on task and making good progress. I will try to help my group as best I can when they start to move on to different parts of the project, such as writing essays.
Explain where you have been getting your information from. Include links. I have been getting most of my information from the ‘Edward Scissorhands’ essay I wrote last year – I am using this to refresh my memory on essays, and as a guide to help me write well about ‘A Sound of Thunder.’ I have, however, visited the website http://www.gradesaver.com/ray-bradbury-short-stories/study-guide/summary-a-sound-of-thunder, and this has helped me to gain an understanding of themes within the text. Reuben, Daniel and Jamie have been getting their information primarily from the story itself.
Evaluate how well you are doing. What worked? What do you need to improve? I think that I am doing well and am on track to finish my essay soon. I think that it has been beneficial to start the essay this early, as I will give me a good knowledge of themes within the story, which will help me when I am doing other projects. I think that some members of the group may have gotten slightly distracted today, but I will do my best to keep them on track in the future.
Describe what you will be working on next time. I will definitely be working on my essay next time, and will try to complete at least two of the body paragraphs. Jamie, Reuben and Daniel will most likely complete the tasks they have begun in this lesson, and chose some new ones to work on, although I am unsure what they will be.


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