A Sound of Thunder – Reflection Questions – 17/2/15

Tuesday 17th February 2015
Explain what you did today and what you learnt. Today, I worked on completing the body paragraphs of my essay on an important theme within ‘A Sound of Thunder,’ and set up a table that details what tasks we will have to do, and by what time. Jamie completed his song lyrics related to the story, and Reuben and Daniel both focused on completing the mind map about characteristics of a character, Eckels. I discovered and learnt about two more important ideas related to the theme of actions and consequences in the story. Reuben and Daniel learnt about Simplemind+, and the changes in character Eckels undergoes throughout the story, and Jamie discovered how difficult it is to change a song’s lyrics while still keeping the rhythm and rhyme scheme!
In what ways did you help your group? Is there anything you can do to help out more? I didn’t help my group as much as normal today, because they seemed to be getting on with the work very well, and I was quite focussed on doing my tasks. However, I did help by assigning my group tasks and showing them what they needed to do before the deadline. I think I could have helped out more, but this would have been detrimental to my own work.
Explain where you have been getting your information from. Include links. Today, I got the majority of the information from my own mind and the story itself. However, I did look on the website http://www.gradesaver.com/ray-bradbury-short-stories/study-guide/summary-a-sound-of-thunder for some inspiration. Reuben, Daniel Daniel got their information abut Eckels and the main ideas of the story solely from the text itself.
Evaluate how well you are doing. What worked? What do you need to improve? I think that I and the rest of the group are doing well and moving along with the tasks at a steady pace. Today, I think that Reuben and Daniel working together on their task was very good – they collaborated well together. I think that next lesson we worked well today, and just need to keep up our current working standards next lesson.
Describe what you will work on next time. I have set a goal to finish my essay by the end of next lesson. I also think that Jamie, Reuben and Daniel will start theirs because the essay is an important task that needs to be done quite early on.


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