A Sound of Thunder – Reflection Questions – 19/2/15

Thursday 19th February 2015
Explain what you did today and what you learnt. Today, I (Alex) completed my essay on an important theme within ‘A Sound of Thunder,’ and Reuben, Jamie and Daniel began on theirs. We discussed themes within the story as a group, and talked about how these themes are portrayed within the story and what we can learn from them. We learnt that there is a lot more portrayed in the story than it seems when you first read it.
In what ways did you help your group? Is there anything that you need to do to help out more? I helped my group by passing on my knowledge of themes within the story to them, and explaining to some of them how they could set out their essay. I think that, at the moment, I am helping out as best I can, and should try and continue.
Explain where you are getting the information you need from. Include links. I, and the rest of the group, have been getting our information from the story itself, and from websites such as: http://education-portal.com/academy/lesson/a-sound-of-thunder-by-ray-bradbury-summary-analysis-theme.html and http://www.gradesaver.com/ray-bradbury-short-stories/study-guide/summary-a-sound-of-thunder.
Evaluate how well you are doing. What worked? What do you need to improve? I think that I and the group are doing well at the moment. We are making our way through all of the tasks at a steady pace. I also think that it was beneficial to the group that Jamie, Reuben and Daniel started their essays at the same time, because they can talk to each other about themes in the text and help each other to create better essays. I don’t think there is much we need to improve on, because we are all working through the tasks to the best of our ability, and working well as a group.
Describe what you will work on next time. Next time, Jamie, Daniel and Reuben will work on writing their essays. They will probably finish their introductions and start to write one or two of their body paragraphs. I am likely to put some of the projects they have done into our presentation, and begin one of the other matrix tasks – possibly the ‘List 5 positive and 5 negative features of a character,’ task.


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