How Do I Learn Best?

In class, I think that I learn best when I am can read instructions on what I am to do, sometimes multiple times, and through careful study and memorisation. I also like to see what I am learning about in person, so have enjoyed it in the past when, for example, in science, we have studied ecosystems by going to the mangrove community just outside Orewa College and learning about the wildlife there. However, I don’t retain orally transmitted information very well; I am sometimes prone to forget things that are said by the teacher or anyone else. Finally, although I really enjoy photography and filmmaking, I do not learn particularly well through watching short documentaries about a subject.

I enjoy working more by myself than within groups. This is because I am sometimes more confident in my own ability to get things down to a good standard and on time than I am in other peoples’. I have had experiences in the past with group members who have failed to complete their work until very close to the deadline, which is not something I like as it makes me nervous.

I am a logical person (my favourite subjects are maths and science) and like what I am studying to follow a system and be well-laid out. I try to be well-organised and keep all group project work together; I am often a coordinator and leader within groups. As well as this, I like to know about assessments and deadlines well before they happen, so I can plan out my revision and work time.


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