The Reubiggs Show – Concept

The Rubiggs Show – Concept

Brief Outline
The Rubiggs Show is a talk show that revolves around the host, Reuben Biggelaar. It is a show that revolves around the theory behind movies.
Each week, Reuben allows people from the general public to give their opinions on the show. They may, but do not have to have, qualifications related to English, so there is a range of opinions represented on the show.
The show is quite formal, but it is humorous in parts in order to retain the attention of some of the younger audience members.

Target Audience
Our show will probably be targeted at college students our age and older. We will try to make the show simple and easy to understand. We will also insert humour where appropriate (such as in the title sequence) so it appeals to them.
We will also target people who are interested in the theory behind movies, because we will try to make the explanations of our research interesting and different to those of others.

The Teen Talk will be set in the lecture theatre (one for the host and another for the guests). However, the start of the show (when Reuben is introduced as the host) will be on the set of ‘The Graham Norton Show’ (this is explained later).
We will use the rows of seats in the lecture theatre as the place where the audience is based. We may get the class to be seated in the theatre for several minutes while we film them clapping. We will later insert the clips of this where required. This is to add to the authenticity of the project and make it seem as though it is a real talk show.
We will film the Teen Talk whenever we have the opportunity throughout next week.

Costumes and Props
Alex will be wearing a white coat, tie and glasses in order to make him look like a professor from Harvard University.
Reuben will be wearing a tie over his jacket and a moustache into order to make him look like a talk show host.
Daniel will wear a tattered shirt and civilian clothes, so he appears as though he is a random person who Reuben found and convinced to join the show.
Jamie will wear a bowtie, glasses and a moustache in order to make him look like an esteemed film critic.
The props detailed above will be used to make the show seem more real and add interest. The moustaches will also add humour.
We will use a table with glasses of water on it in the lecture theatre, and a computer in front of Reuben, again to make the show seem more realistic.

Lighting, Sound and SFX
Lighting: We will probably not bring any external lights to class for this project. Instead, we will use the lights in the lecture theatre.
Sound: Reuben will use his shotgun microphone to gather the actual talking of the talk show host and guests. Then, while editing, we will add in bright music, an audience clapping and laugh tracks where appropriate. This will make the talk show seem more realistic.
SFX: Reuben will edit the beginning scene, which occurs on the set of ‘The Graham Norton Show’. He will take a standard introduction to the show and track his face onto Graham Norton’s. This will be humorous and appeal to our target audience, the college students.


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