Teen Talk Reflection

This is my reflection on the teen talk Reuben, Daniel, Jamie and I are in the process of creating. I will be adding to this reflection in later sessions.

Identify the strengths of your group. Include examples. I think that the main strength our group had was that it was organised. When it came to script writing and planning the storyboard, we quickly decided upon which role each member of the group would have, and were efficient in each writing the sections we needed to. Then, when it came to filming, we were delegating, within the group, who would bring what gear, and tried our best to utilise each lesson to get as much quality film as possible. We talked regularly about what we would be doing at our next filming session so there was minimal discussion at the start of a lesson that would waste valuable time. Another strength we had is that we cooperated on this project and did not argue over what we needed to do – we made a plan and stuck to it.

Identify and explain some of the challenges your group encountered. How have you overcome these? One of the most irritating challenges our group encountered was on the second day of filming. Reuben’s on-camera microphone was loosely connected with his camera (despite us going to great lengths to make the two connect firmly), meaning that the audio the camera captured was filled with static, electronic sounds. This rendered much of the video from this session unusable, meaning we had to redo many of the shots from this session again. We fixed this issue by borrowing a better-quality microphone from a year 12 student (who was using the lecture theatre as a study room) for all subsequent recording sessions. This allowed us to gather far nicer, usable audio. Another challenge our group encountered was that we were sometimes unable to use the lecture theatre because it had already been booked. We worked around this problem by editing the footage we already had on days when we couldn’t film, and making sure to use the time we did have in the lecture theatre to gather as much footage as possible.
Another problem our group encountered was that the project failed to export from iMovie, because of what we believe to be a large bug in the program. We still have not found a fix for this problem yet.

List 3-5 new skills you have gained from this project. There are many skills this project has given me, such as:
The ability to find and interpret symbols in films using prior knowledge of events and themes.
The ability to format and write a script, a concept, and make a storyboard for a film.
The ability to edit the white balance of a shot in iMovie, and to insert a picture with a border inside a video.

Would you recommend this project to a friend? Explain why. I found this project immensely enjoyable because I really like filmmaking and editing, and because I believe that I actually gained a greater understanding about the movie ‘Life of Pi’ during this project than I would have had I, for example, written multiple essays. I also believe that this project was great because it taught us multiple skills, such as the ability to script, record and edit films, and how to cooperate and manage ourselves within a team. Because this project was both enjoyable and allowed me to gain an understanding of the deeper meaning behind films, I would most definitely recommend it to a friend.


2 thoughts on “Teen Talk Reflection

  1. Thanks for your reflection, Alex. It has made me happy to know that you have enjoyed this project and what you have written is exactly what I was hoping for – that the project would be enjoyable and you would gain an understanding of the deeper meaning behind films. 😄

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