English Exam Reflection

Explain what you did well in your exam. I think that my time management was good in my exam. I also think that I addressed the questions well.

Explain what you need to do to improve. The markers did not make any comments as to what I can do to improve. They thought that both of my essays were up to an E8 standard. Personally, I thought that I wrote both of my essays to the best of my ability.

Do you believe that you prepared for the exam well? Yes, and I think that my results showed this. I dedicated a lot of time to study for english at home and used the class time I was given to the best of my ability.

Explain what you will do differently next year. Next year, I think I will devote less time to writing my essays down in order to remember them and instead practice writing essays with a range of different questions. When I went into the exam and saw the question, I was originally unsure about how to answer it, and it took me a while to think about what to do. If I had previously practiced being in this situation at home it may have helped me out.


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